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 Post subject: Dev-Diary: Next steps for Oct/Nov 2013
PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:03 pm 
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Hello AW friends,

let's give you a short summarization of the current status of Custom Wars Tactics development. At the moment our leader is working really hard to create the last assets that are needed for the new features of 0.3.5.

As already announced, the next version will be 0.3.5 instead of 0.3.4. The reason of that is primary the time that we need to prepare the assets and the hidden feature. This gives us additional time to code further logic. So we decided to realize 0.3.5 directly by doing all of the left features for 0.3.5.

One of this is a changed build mechanic. Before we used fixed constants for the game as JavaScript objects in the source codes. This will be changed to use the benefits of UglifyJS 2 which allows variable substitution and dead code removal by constant values. This gives the engine a small speed up. Furthermore we use the mechanic above to realize a better test management. Before we used a logic based test system. Overall the costs of this system are very very high due the maintain costs. So we will drop it for development asserts in the source code. This allows us to make direct check ups in the code. At the moment we doing similar things to, but we have an additional boolean check for every of the checkup blocks. The final code does not have this overhead, because of the dead code removal feature of UglifyJS 2.

    var model.fn = function( x,y ){

      if( DEBUG ){

         util.assert( x>0 && y>0 );


      // ... logic ...


The next things are the rewrite of some modules. We have some code in the engine that performs bad on some situations or devices. One example are environments, that does not provide the JIT-compiling ability. This step is nearly complete. At least a small update of the music loading is needed. At the moment we load all music files into the RAM, which is quite heavy and CPU time consuming... even on desktop. Instead of this we plan to load the necessary music files from storage at the start of a game round.

Another thing a requirement born due the requirements of the community. We understood the problems about the complexity of the input systems. Thanks to some brainstormings we adapted the way of AW1 and simplified the controls to a d-pad plus an action and cancel button. Unlike before 0.3.5, we won't rely on your luck to understand the controls directly ( yeah we know our mouse swiping was too complicated ). We will include an in-game manual for 0.3.5 which explains how to use one of the four ( touch, mouse, keyboard or gamepad ) input systems.

At least the CO modes are left in the terms of game logic. This includes the complex commander mode of AWDR. Due this we have to change the scripting engine to handle a little bit different than before.

If nothing special happens, then we might be able to release CW:T 0.3.5 in the middle of November.

Thanks for reading

Your CW:T crew

Source: CW:T Blog

my name is BlackCat

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