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Author:  chom_chom [ Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  User Roles & Stories

User Roles
Those invented to present problems of which customwars satisfies
These characters are invented so that we can present needs in the form of
USER wants to do TASK so that they can fulfill OUTCOME.
There are many advantages of doing this. You can always refer to exactly the same customer and circumstances as your other team mates and know everything about those people. You can also come up with situations that you yourself may not find yourself in but the combination of these characters would.

Steve Bloggs, 32
  • Machine spec: Mac OSX (10.5 Leopard)
  • 3GHz 2G RAM
  • Confident IT user

Lisa Bloggs, 17
  • Machine spec: Windows XP (SP 2)
  • 1GHz 500Mb RAM
  • Not confident with computers but enjoys games

Bill Bloggs, 18
  • Machine spec: Windows Vista (6.0)
  • 2GHz 2G RAM
  • Eager to play custom wars
  • Confident IT user

Linus Bloggs, 26
  • Machine spec: Linux Ubuntu 8.10(Intrepid Ibex)
  • 1GHz 1G RAM
  • Makes Maps
  • Custom wars/advance wars enthusiast
  • Confident IT User

User Stories
The problems of which customwars solves

These should be presented in the form of
USER wants to do TASK so that they can fulfill OUTCOME.
The advantage of these stories is that it levels the playing field of all parties and clarifies exactly what people want and why people want it. People want to eat food but they don't want to go shopping; thats just a consequence of the action! What we try to do is identify all of the end consequences people desire without worrying about the technicalities.

Steve Bloggs
  • can play a consistent 30min networked game of customwars with Bill Bloggs to completion

Steve Bloggs
  • can play a consistent 40min game of customwars with Laurene Bloggs on the same machine at home to completion

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