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Making a build of custom wars beta v0.2.8.0
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Author:  chom_chom [ Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Making a build of custom wars beta v0.2.8.0

The first thing that seems to be annoying people is the lack of access to a build of the current custom wars. I haven’t got the project building as a single jar file yet. It won’t be simple the first time round but once we’ve got it down once we can get it in writing on the wiki and keep it up to date. Has anyone else had more luck? Could anyone take it on themselves to become ‘the build guy?

If someone else gets it building I’ll set up a continuous integration server for it.

Ben Burt Tue, 16 Dec at 10:15am
No luck here either, i just get “resources are out of sync” whenever i try :(
Indicator Trash Kevin mcdonagh Tue, 16 Dec at 10:23am

That sounds like an IDE issue. Try right clicking on the project and ‘refreshing’ which updatesite the chached filesystem state on your ide. Also ‘clean’ which runs through the initial state of all your plugins and builds the project based on the class path.

Ben Burt Tue, 16 Dec at 9:02pm
Hey Kevin,
I tried doing what you suggested but that didn’t fix it! I am still getting the same errors as before :/... What errors are you getting?

Kevin mcdonagh Tue, 16 Dec at 9:08pm
if you come online I’ll help you out over a screen share

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