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 Post subject: [CW2] Todo
PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:12 am 
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A Rough overview of what we are planning to work on/what will be supported. Warning huge post detected.
-> means read, load or add
/ as first char on a line means Not yet specified...
(opt) means optional, no high priority
[] The patten used

Write slick tests:
Show a Menu, music, zooming, Images, recolor images, allow remapping of input
Display a terrainMap:
Hardcoded map
Map ->Tile->Terrain

Load the terrains from a file:
Write test code for Terrain
terrainXmlData.xml -> XStream -> Terrain class -> TerrainFactory

Add Properties
write test code for property
propertyXmlData.xml -> XStream-> Property class-> PropertyFactory
Property Sprite
Tile -> Property

Add Units
write test code for unit
unitXmlData.xml -> XStream -> Unit class-> UnitFactory
Unit Sprite
Tile -> Unit

#1 A map is visible with animated units, properties and static terrains

unit and property can be owned by a Player
load terrain images, darken them
load unit images, darken/recolor them
load property images, recolor them
center on a tile(opt)
scrol,zoom,center -> Camera class.

#2 A map is visible with units, city and terrains, units and cities have the correct color animation.

Allow units to move through the map, can't move through enemy units, clicking on a destination will make the move.
map -> pathfinder
Animated the move, change the unit orientation on each step,
MoveTraverse, limit the moves a unit can only move once.

#3 Units move (woot)

UnitController -> handle surroundings logic of a unit[CMV]
map -> getSurroundingTiles, getAllTiles[Iterator]
Create HumanUnitController
HumanUnitController -> build & show a menu when a destination is clicked, it should show a list of available options.
Build action objects for each option(select, attack, supply, join, load,...)
Any action can be done and undone by right clicking[Command]

#4 Units show a list of available options on a Press, when a menu item is chosen an action fires, some actions can be undone

Add Game -> ActiveUnit, ActivePlayer
add attack, supply, capture, transport abilities to unit

#5 Units show a list of available options on a Press(within the moveZone), when a menu item is chosen an action fires this changes the model

Events, When a city/unit var changes the citySprite/unitSprite changes.[Observer]
ie when the unitState changes to capturing a capturing img is shown on top of the unit
buildUnit Menu
end turn
handle neutral player
player can win by destroying enemy troops
missile support
flare support
piercing vision?
add sound
(opt) read/write actions(for replay)
auto supply units around apc

#6 A game can be played on the local pc, and a player can win

Create a map maker State
Save the map to a file
Save the game to a file
Allow plugins to provide their own game data, images
what parameters can a plugin change?
reload plugin data from console

#7 maps can be made and saved, plugins are supported

create dor plugin
load all maps from a dir -> from same location as cw2 jar.
Read, store, gui options: keys, music, record replay, screen dimensions, zoom, ...
Store statistics: Units lost/killed
Distribute a zip file: cw2.jar libs plugin
/add co support
/plugins support for cos

#8 Read and store options+cos

create gui: unit, city, terrain, transport panels(dor style)
improve popup menus

#9 gui ready

Allow a computer to control a player
inside a beanshell script file

#10 Ai support

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