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 Post subject: AdvanceCraft Proposal
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:37 am 
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As the final product of Custom Wars: Tactics is intended to be an engine with 3 games pre-loaded on it (these games being Advance Wars 2, 3, and 4), I thought that perhaps we could start generating ideas for other games and mods we would this engine to support.

The AdvanceCraft Proposal
AdvanceCraft is an idea I came up with while talking to JSR the other day. It's an attempt to create a Starcraft/Warcraft-like experience in the Custom Wars engine, something that has never been done in the turn-based genre of video games.

  • 3 different factions
  • Unique unit lists for each faction
  • Building construction (that costs funding)
  • Technology levels
  • Upgrades

You may be wondering how I intend to implement all of these features, so here's how it will happen:

Factions and Unique Unit Lists
These will be handled through the CO system. The COs will not have any day-to-day boosts, but most of the other features will be tied to them. This includes attaching the unit lists to these COs. Unique units will not simply cost more or less, or be stronger or weaker: they will actually be different from faction to faction. The spammer faction, for example, will accomplish its spam by allocating each unit a certain amount of AWDoR "materials" to duplicate themselves in a way similar to how Seaplanes are built. (The new unit would have no materials in order to prevent players from building entirely in the field.)

Building Construction
This will be accomplished by Rigs, as with AWDoR. The difference here is that construction will cost funds instead of materials. Rigs will also be the ones to capture cities for resources instead of Infantry. Each game will begin with an HQ building and a couple of Rigs. The HQ can build more Rigs. Buildings can't be destroyed, but Rigs will be able to capture enemy buildings at half-price. Building types will be shared between all factions to prevent tech-tree mixing.

Technology Levels and Upgrades
These will be handled through CO Powers. CO Powers will be one-use only, must be used in sequence, and their effects will be permanent. First CO Power buffs a faction's 1st tier units in some form, and opens up the 2nd tier units. Second CO Power further boosts 1st and 2nd tier units, and opens up the 3rd tier. The third and final CO Power grants a final endgame boost to all units. Using the spammer faction as our example once again, such a boost might consist of additional materials for units to duplicate themselves more times, or a permanent cost reduction. For the elite faction, this boost may be stronger or faster units. In all cases, the endgame boost would be the biggest of all, with the intention of eliminating one or more opponents from the game on that turn.

I'll continue to edit more ideas into this post as I think of them. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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 Post subject: Re: AdvanceCraft Proposal
PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:55 am 
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That sounds interesting. 8)

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