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[AW2] Advance Wars 2 References
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Author:  DiamondPheonix [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  [AW2] Advance Wars 2 References


Find keys:
[COS] Commanding Officers [OS, BM, GE, YC, BH]
[UNS] Units [INF, GRD, ARL, SEA]
[TRN] Terrain
[WTR] Weather
[MSC] Miscellaneous

[COS] Commanding Officers [OS, BM, GE, YC, BH]

-Day to Days are active at all times across the entire map
-CO Powers are 9,000 per bar; 100% charge when receiving damage, 50% when dealing
-Power usage increases each bar by 1,800 up to the 10th use where it stays
-bars do not charge when the owner's Power is active
-all CO Powers give a +10/10 bonus to all units

[OS] Orange Star

Andy 3/6 (ooo000)
110/110, +2 HP on use
120/110, +5 HP on use, +1 movement

Max 3/6 (ooo000)
120/100 directs, 90/100 indirects, -1 max range indirects
140/110 directs, +1 move directs
160/110 directs, +2 move directs

Sami 3/8 (ooo00000)
130/110 infantry, x1.5 captures, 90/100 directs3
150/110 infantry, +1 move infantry, perfect move infantry
170/110 infantry, +2 moveinfantry, x20 captures

Nell 3/6 (ooo000)
100/100, 0~20 luck
110/110, 0~60 luck
110/110, 0~100 luck

Hachi 3/5 (ooo00)
100/100, 90% costs
110/110, 50% costs
110/110, 50% costs, build ground units on own cities

[BM] Blue Moon

Olaf 3/7 (ooo0000)
100/100, snow immune, rain counts as snow
110/110, snow on use
110/110, snow on use, 1 MD

Grit 3/6 (ooo000)
120/100 indirects, 80/100 directs, +1 max range indirects
150/110 indirects, +2 max range indirects
150/110 indirects, +3 max range indirects

Colin 2/6 (oo0000)
90/100, 80% costs
100/110, x1.5 funds
100/110, +3% offense per 1000 funds

[GE] Green Earth

Eagle 3/9 (ooo000000)
115/110 air, -2 daily fuel air, 70/100 naval
130/130 air
130/130 air, reanimate non-infantry on use

Drake 4/7 (oooo000)
100/110 naval, 70/100 air, +1 move naval, rain immune
1 MD, x0.5 enemy fuel
2 MD, x0.5 enemy fuel

Jess 3/6 (ooo000)
110/100 ground vehicles, 90/100 other
130/120 ground vehicles, +1 move ground vehicles, resupply
150/120 ground vehicles, +2 move ground vehicles, resupply

[YC] Yellow Comet

Kanbei 4/7 (oooo000)
130/130, 120% costs
150/160, x1.5 dmg counters

Sonja 3/5 (ooo00)
100/100, +1 vision, 150/100 counters, hidden HP, -10~10 luck
110/110, +2 vision, piercing vision
110/110, +2 vision, piercing vision, first strike counters, 110/110 counters

Sensei 2/6 (oo0000)
150/100 copters, 140/100 infantry, 100/100 planes, 90/100 other, +1 move pure transports
175/110 copters, spawn 9 HP ready infantry on own unoccupied cities
175/110 copters, spawn 9 HP ready mechs on own unoccupied cities

[BH] Black Hole

Flak 3/6 (ooo000)
100/100, -10~15 luck
110/110, -20~40 luck
110/110, -30~80 luck

Lash 4/7 (oooo000)
100/100, +10/0 per terrain star
110/110, perfect move except snow
110/110, perfect move except snow, x2 terrain stars

Adder 2/5 (oo000)
110/110, +1 move
110/110, +2 move

Hawke 5/9 (ooooo0000)
120/110, 1 MD, +1 HP
120/110, 1 MD, +1 HP

Sturm 0/10 (0000000000)
120/120, perfect move except snow
140/150, 3 rad 8 dmg cost missile

Author:  BiggaBertha [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [AW2] Advance Wars 2 References

Does Sonja not remove terrain stars in AW2..? Or is that something she picked up in AWDS..?

Author:  JakeSamiRulz [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [AW2] Advance Wars 2 References

Yes, that was something she picked up in AWDS.

If you read this DP, thanks for all that information to fill up the boards.

Author:  DiamondPheonix [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [AW2] Advance Wars 2 References

Unfortunately there is an extreme lack of information regarding earlier entries in the series, such as Famicom and Game Boy Wars. From what little I've gathered, there are few unique features that haven't already been reused in later games. In fact, Super Famicom Wars used unit ranks before AW4.

One such feature is GBW's impromptu hexagon tiles which is unusual considering the tiles were still squares. Will the engine be robust enough to handle nonstandard tile arrangements? This is not a suggestion for the feature itself, it is just to gauge the extent of the engine's modability.


Author:  JakeSamiRulz [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [AW2] Advance Wars 2 References

Actually, I did touch upon that on the game plan when I was looking to add hexagon tiles.

The good news is that, map wise, it'll be stored the same way as a regular map of AW. However, if the buildings get 2x2 or bigger, it would cause a huge problem in the way we are currently planning to deal with huge properties in general.


It is definitely going to push us out of scope if we added this functionality. It'll probably push a lot of things back as well, because we will have to create a whole new movement scheme for 6-way movement and attack range patterns for 6-way ranged attacks. I am sticking really hard to AWDS and AWDC for now because those 2 games already have plenty to include without having to add another movement scheme.

Will it be added in the future...

Possibly. I am trying to design a map save/load system that'll allow easy storage of any map type, including hexagonal maps. However, devotion to getting the 4-way methods out of the way is at the top of the list. In the future, more and more people might find hexagonal maps appealing. We should already have the 4-way scheme completely locked in by then, and we can build a whole new engine for the 6-way movements.

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