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 Post subject: Coding Skeletons
PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:47 pm 
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This is just what is required at minimum for a CO.


 *Author: Adam Dziuk, Kosheh
 *The Flak class is used to create an instance of the Black Hole CO Flak (copyright Intelligent Systems).

import java.util.Random;

public class Flak extends CO{
    public Flak() {
        name = "Flak";
        id = 19;
   //Make sure to give it a new ID. (See Urusan's instructions in programming)
        String[] TagCOsx = {"Adder"}; //Names of COs with special tags
        String[] TagNamesx = {"Totally Flaked"}; //Names of the corresponding Tags
        int[] TagStarsx = {0}; //Number of stars for each special tag.
        int[] TagPercentx = {105}; //Percent for each special tag.
        TagCOs = TagCOsx;
        TagNames = TagNamesx;
        TagStars = TagStarsx;
        TagPercent = TagPercentx;
        String[] COPowerx =
        {"You can't hide from me! I'll hunt you down like a dog!"};
        String[] Victoryx =
        {"I've still got what it takes!"};
        String[] Swapx =
        {"I'll crush you all!"}  ;
        Swap = Swapx;
        COPower = COPowerx;
        Victory = Victoryx;
        COPName = "CO Power";
        SCOPName = "Super CO Power";
        COPStars = 3.0;
        maxStars = 6.0;
        positiveLuck = 25;
        negativeLuck = 10; = army;
        style = BLACK_HOLE;
        //used to get the attack bonus for damage calculation
    public int getAtk(Unit attacker, Unit defender){
        return 100;
    //used to get the defense bonus for damage calculation
    public int getDef(Unit attacker, Unit defender){
        return 100;
        public void setChange(Unit u){};
    public void unChange(Unit u){};
    //carries out Adder's CO Power, called by CO.activateCOP()
    public void COPower(){
        COP = true;
    //carries out Adder's Super CO Power, called by CO.activateSCOP()
    public void superCOPower(){
        SCOP = true;

    //used to deactivate Adder's CO Power the next day
    public void deactivateCOP(){
           COP = false;

    //used to deactivate Adder's Super CO Power the next day
    public void deactivateSCOP(){
        SCOP = false;

Other things you can specify as numbers or boolean flags. Include these with the Day to day stats (such as CO Power cost), or make them happen when a Power is triggered. Don't forget to make the CO Power turnoff turn them back to normal. (DeactivateCOP/SCOP functions)

Change repair rates: repairHp = x;
Change Positive luck: positiveLuck = xx;
Include/Change Negative Luck: negativeLuck = 10;
Set/Unset Hidden HP: hiddenHP = true/false;
Change deployment costs: costMultiplier = yyy;
Reduce enemy terrain stars: enemyTerrainPenalty = x;
Change Counterattack Multiplier: counterAttack = 100;
Set/Unset Piercing vision: piercingVision = true/false;
Set/Unset First Strike Counterattacks: firstStrike = true/false;

Just the format of a unit. Not too much to say here, it's all pretty self-explanatory.

 *Author: Killian Hanlon
 *Creation: 17/7/06
 *The Tank class is used to create an instance of theTank Unit

public class Tank extends Unit{
    public Tank(int row, int col, Army arm, Map m) {
        super(new Location(row, col),arm,m);
        name = "Tank";
        unitType = 2; //The Unit's ID Number
        moveType = MOVE_TREAD; //Movement Type (Tread, Tyre, Sea, etc.)
        move = 6; //How far the unit can move
        price = 7000; //How much the unit costs to build.
        maxGas = 70; //Maximum size of the fuel tank.
        maxAmmo = 9; //The most ammo this unit can hold.
        vision = 3; //How far it can see in Fog of War
        minRange = 1; //The shortest possible firing distance.
        maxRange = 1; //Longest possible firing distance. Set both to 1 to make the unit a direct.
        starValue = 1.0;
        //Fills the Unit's gas and ammo
        gas = maxGas;
        ammo = maxAmmo;
        //make CO adjustments

Also quite simple, the basic Terrain (non-capturable).

 *Author: Limbo the Monkey
 *Creation: 17/7/06
 *The River class is used to create an instance of the River Terrain.

public class River extends Terrain{
    public River(){
        name = "River"; //The Terrain's Name
        move = new int[] {2,1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,1,-1,1}; //Movement Costs for each movement class.
        basemove = move; //Allows movement to be changed back after terrain altering powers.
        def  = 0; //Terrain Stars that this gives
        index = 5; //The Terrain's ID number
        urban = false; //If the terrain is an urban terrain. If unspecified, it is false by default.

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