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 Post subject: Prototype Screen Shaking Code
PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:34 am 
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Here's some functions and variables that will let you make the screen vibrate like any number of offensive and/or inappropriate things I could name here but won't. All code goes in

First, add the following variables:
    /** Amount to offset the screen in the X direction. */
    private int offX = 0;
    /** Amount to offset the screen in the Y direction. */
    private int offY = 0;
    /** Remaining number frames to shake the screen. */
    private int shakeTime = 0;
    /** Intensity with which to shake the screen. This should be double the maximum offset. */
    private int shakeIntensity = 0;
    /** Causes the screen to shake less violently as time goes on. */
    private boolean shakeFade = false;

Add these functions somewhere:
    /** Updates the current screen offset */
    public void updateOffset(){
      if(shakeTime != 0){
          offX = b.getRNG().nextInt(shakeIntensity) - (shakeIntensity/2);
          offY = b.getRNG().nextInt(shakeIntensity) - (shakeIntensity/2);
          if(shakeFade && shakeIntensity > 0){
             shakeIntensity -= 1;
          if(shakeTime > 0){
             shakeTime -= 1;
         offX = 0;
         offY = 0;

    /** Call this to make the screen start or stop shaking.
     * @param sIntensity The intensity with which the screen should shake. The screen will be offset by random numbers between positive and negative (sIntensity/2).
     * @param sLength The number of frames for which the screen should shake. If set to a negative number, shaking will continue until manually cancelled. If set to 0, shaking will be stopped.
     * @param fadeOut If true, the maximum intensity of the shaking will slowly decrease until either shakeTime expires or shakeIntensity reaches 0. */
    public void shakeScreen(int sIntensity, int sLength, boolean fadeOut){
       shakeIntensity = sIntensity;
       shakeTime = sLength;
       shakeFade = fadeOut;

Use shakeScreen(...) to start and stop screen shaking.

In the function public void paintComponent(Graphics g), change the line
g.drawImage(bimg, 0, 0, this);

g.drawImage(bimg, offX, offY, this);

Finally, in public void drawScreen(Graphics2D g), add the following line (This may not be the best place to put it, but as long as this gets called exactly one time per frame, every frame, it should be okay.

Now, wherever you want to make the screen shake, just add a call to shakeScreen(...).
// Causes the screen to offset up to 6 pixels in any direction for 10 frames
shakeScreen(13, 10, false);

Also, I don't know if anyone's actively working on the text parser yet, but if you are, don't forget to add control characters for screen shaking.

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