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Oh whoa I've been registered this whole time
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Author:  MessengerOfDreams [ Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Oh whoa I've been registered this whole time

So... Hey.

So I've been an Advance Wars fan for ages. Mostly casual. I don't really think I'd be up for tourney play. I do enjoy the strategic aspect behind it, and also the game play in general. AW2 is my favorite. It's got a lot to tinker with, but not too much.

I think the three things that keep me active most in the community are keeping in touch with Mara every now and again, who's really smart in general knowhow, but don't let me be a kiss ass. I just enjoy counterculture takes on the game. I also keep interested through this Let's Player, MalusCalibur, who's super funny and can make watching these games entertaining solely off of his villainous ramblings of the destruct of his enemies. And of course, there's a great fan fiction based off of the game called A War Apart by Sigcius, which revitalized my desire to write. So yeah, my three bigger inspirations of the game.

I also have a proud list of AW2 odd Campaign accomplishments which I will brag about now!

1) Destroying the Yellow Comet factory pipe seam from behind with a Kanbei medium tank after destroying his army, blocking the factory and taking over his territory

2) Capturing the single unit building base of Black Hole in T Minus 15 while still capturing all the cities.

3) Capturing the HQ in Show Stopper

5) Capturing the sole unit creating base in Foul Play while still destroying all the unots

4) Destroying all the deployed units in Drake's Dilemma

6) Destroying all the units in Hot Pursuit

If I ever get the game again, I want to add to this list useless achievements like Capturing the HQ in To The Rescue, Capturing the Airport in Sinking Feeling, and maybe,of course,actually beating the last mission without Bomber Spam.

so I play in a weird fashion.

Nice to meet y'all

Author:  MaraSargon [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oh whoa I've been registered this whole time

Glad you made it over.

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