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 Post subject: New member here
PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:56 pm 

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Hi, new member here,
First, I want to explain what I doing here...

A few months ago, I've just finished the AW:DoR campaign and feeling rather satisfied with the story (along with all the AW titles I've completed). Then an idea burst into mind "hey, I can do that!" I then rushed to my desk and started writing. After a week, I've completed an entire game script for an AW title,and also formulated almost 10+ new COs for the storyline.
But alas, my exams are but a few weeks away and I've yet to prepare for anything.I've no choice but to continue my project in another day. Imagine the horror that I've found out that I've accidently threw my game script away along with the trash! (blame last minute studing)
Few days ago, I've finished my test and starting my vacation. Then I stumbled opon this forum while surfing the net, and well you know.....I've signed up!
As you can already see I'm a decent writer and idea guy. I will try to take some time out and maybe contribute something to you guys.
(Also to maybe try to salvage any ideas off my old project)

Anyway, can someone please tell me the stoyline of the game, and
also ways I can contribute to it, since I'm at lost here..... (no offense).

And yes..... I'm still a forum noob.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:33 pm 
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Lol @ throwing your script out... Nevermind eh. Things are quite slow around here now, however there's still plenty to do and some of us are still pretty active. We're nearing our first proper version of CW, one we can call a finished game. ATM we're on betas which still contain a few bugs and balance issues, although aside from that it's an enhanced working replica of AWDS - albeit without full animations.

We have an entire campaign planned out, well 8 entire campaigns. See we have 8 armies, in addition to AW's 5, we have Jade Cosmos, Amber Corona and Dark Matter, JC are part of the Allied Nations, DM are on Black Hole's side and together form the Dark Axis, and AC are... somewhere in between.

Each army has they're own campaign consisting of 20~30 missions each, and there is an overarching plot line that all of the nations follow. However each campaign focuses on each army's view point of the war, and there're many interactions between each army and their COs along with each army having their own sideplots. It came together well, although the entire campaign was never planned out in detail with respect to dialogue and maps. Some campaigns did have mission plans mind. I was incharge of YC's campaign, and they had plans upto mission 6 or 7. You can find all of the campaign bits and bobs here:

There's a secret campaign forum for the campaign managers to work, which include more detailed plot outlines, but it was kept secret to avoid spoiling the story.

That was the plan anyway, campaigns are looking to be very unlikely due to the fact AI programming has stopped and there just aren't enough active people to pull it off, still, the infrastruture's there if anything comes about.

With this in mind, there's not a lot to contribute campaign wise, the only thing we need ATM is balance testing to get the COs ready for Version 1. Check out the balance forum for more info, and be sure to download the beta in the programming forum if you haven't already. If you're up for a game, make or join an existing game using CW. If you're having trouble simply ask and one of us'll be sure to help you out.

Have fun =)


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:27 am 

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ahh a new member that makes me the new not so really new member...... ummm anyways hi! You'll have a good time here but his got it right nots much happening with the campaigns so at the moment since most members are still in love with their DOR Games things are apparently slow (i don't know i just joined a few weeks ago) but everyone's pretty crazy... in an extremely good way.

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