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 Post subject: Pioneer
PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:09 pm 

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Pioneer unit

Type: Infantry
Costs: 4000
Fuel: 40
Walk range: 3
Vision: 2
1st Weapon: MG (Same Strong as Mech)
2nd Weapon: Camouflage net (1/1)

This unit can repair other units as well as the black boat. With every reparation, the amount of fuel drops by 10. If the fuel is empty, the unit can't move or repair any other units.

Also this unit can make other ground units "invisible" (like a sub) with a camouflage net for the amount of 20 fuel. As long as the "netted" unit stands still, it's invisible. If you move the Unit, the invisibility is removed. You can only use this effect once by every pioneer and only 3 times at once for every map which you are playing (Just to prevent massively use. Imagine 10-20 rocket launchers with this effect...)

For a amount of 20 fuel, the Pioneer can construct a fake MD tank. The Pioneer is shown as MD-tank on the map. The defense gets +10%, you can't climb over mountains or walk thru a river, can't repair or hide units and your movement stays the same.

The Tank can't attack normally. If you attack with the pioneer unit, the dummy removes and the pionner unit starts with an MG attack.

If the fake MD gets an hit, the dummy removes and the pioneer unit can't counter-attack. If the Unit is still alive, it can counter on the next attack.

The Point is, that you only can recognize a fake MD by hitting it or watching it move. A MD normally moves slowly, this unit even moves more slowly. If it moves across the woods, it's even harder to say, if it's fake or not. You also can move a normal MD Tank like a fake MD Tank to provoke an attack with a weak unit.

Also you have to think through, what you want to do with your pioneer unit.

I don't know if this is too massive and too much for one unit but i had the idea for building bridges. It would change a lot of the strategy for each map so i don't know if this is a good idea. So i don't explain it so exactly like the other ideas.

I think this Unit is also a good chance to create new abilities for new (or existing) CO's.

I'm also open for betterments. It's just an idea! :wink:

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:39 am 
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Another medic and stealth ground unit idea...

ffs... :?

Stealth CO Norvell // Freelancer Army Sprites // Tech Section - CO Project

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:16 am 
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I think its very interesting... however... with such a low fuel count, it will run out of fuel so quickly that it will become utterly useless!
It'd need a cadre of APCs to be useable.

Offhand, though, I'd say you don't have a very good shot. As you've probably seen, we're brutal on the Custom Units, particularly foot soldiers. Still, this is a very clever idea...

If I were you... I'd turn it into a proposed DoR Custom Unit ( DoR, after all, has successfully introduced new foot soldiers already... plus its less "stale" these days ). Then you could make its abilities cost "material" rather than fuel ( like a Carrier or a Rig ).

Most of us are pretty certain that both stealth ground units and medic units are NEVER gonna get in ( almost as much as Snipers XD ).
HOWEVER, if their abilities were to be limited...

For example:
Type: Infantry
Cost: 4500
Fuel: 40
Move: 3
Vision: 2 ( +3 on mountains )
Weapon #1: MG ( Mech-strength )
Weapon #2: none
Material: 4
1 ) can heal ( +1 ) and repair one adjacent allied unit for 1 material.
2 ) can "cloak" one adjacent allied unit for 1 material ( the unit is 'decloaked' if an enemy unit is adjacent, if it moves, or if it fires ( I added this necessary 'fires' clause to prevent it from being gamebreaking ( on Rockets and Artillery, as you suggested ).
3 ) can turn itself into a Mock Md. Tank for 4 material, gains +10% defense, becomes 'treads' movement type, loses the ability to capture, etc.

Of course, your shots are still slim...
But they may be better.
Oh, and as for the price increase - it's been changed to fit the DoR Infantry cost ( its now worth as much as three infantry or two mechs )

Anyway, sorry for the long post and the hijacking of your idea.
But for the record, I like it!

Rock on!

[ good luck ]

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:29 am 

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Hm...I thought it would force a lil' bit to use a APC because it would become necessary to use the pioneer in a usefully way. OK you can go and turn one unit invisible and repair another unit in the another you used nearly all your fuel and your pioneer won't move if you don't supply it with fuel. So you get an advantage on the one side but you have to spend money on a APC for sure. It tooks a lil' more time to earn more money and perhaps the next day for buying some other units.

Your ideas are also great but i don't know, how the progress is going on a Custom DoR?

My intension is to offer a new idea for opening new strategic ways, not...


A sniper is a pretty dumb idea. But an unit, which places more surprises on the map like...
"Oh, a Tank! I didn't foresaw that..."
"Wait, is that a tank or a fake's moving crude!?"
"Didn't i almost killed this tank? It's nearly healed now!?"

...and perhaps:

"Wow, he's building a bridge to my island! I have to stop that!"

New ways for an old system! I just want to "bring the ball into the game"!

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