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 Post subject: CO's (for those bored beyond belief)
PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 8:31 am 
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Bored beyond belief...

First CO
CCO Aura
Focus: Neutral

A grand computer hacker, she is able to attain partial repairs and funds from neutral properties.

- 100G. from each neutral property.
- Her units resupply from neutral properties (but do not repair).

COP: Short Circuit :smallstar::smallstar:
She unleashes a virus that sends chaos through the cities. Cities already being captured are effected heavily and resign alligence easily.

- (Non- HQ) properties less than 10 capture points are neutral and their capture points are reset to 20.
- Enemy units can't capture this turn.

SCOP: Power Meltdown :smallstar::smallstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar:
She unleashes a worm through all the cities that causes grand destruction. Being the only one to stop the vicious bug, the cities cower to her commands.

- (Non- HQ) properties under 20 capture points are neutral.
- Her units gain +3 firepower and +3 defense for each neutral property on the map.

Second CO
CCO Claire
Focus: Transport

A former helicopter pilot and expert mechanic, she is able to give more to copters than most other CO's. However, she needs parts from APC's therefore making them unusable.

- Can't build APC's
- T-Copters may be built from bases and may resupply.
- Copters can resupply on cities.

COP: Lifeline :smallstar::smallstar::smallstar:
She gives transport units extra material making them move faster and repair more efficiently.

- Transports +1 movement
- Units resupplied by transports heal 3 HP

SCOP: Emergency Aid :smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar:
She retrofits transport units with plenty of fuel and stocks, boosting movement causing units who come out from them to reanimate as well.

- Transports +2 movement
- Units unloaded by transports fully reanimate

Third CO
CCO Velia
Focus: Stealth

A master of stealth technology, her units are more efficient in hidden circumstances. However, her sneaky tactics reduce her vision.

- +15 firepower when units are hidden (by FOW/ abilities/ powers).
- Stealth units deploy hidden and absorb 2 less fuel while hidden.
- Velia's units suffer -1 vision (minimum 0).

COP: Night Sky :smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::smallstar:
Activates a stealth module, making all units outside enemy vision range become hidden and able to ambush foes. It isn't at full power, so her units are detectable if not covered, but also defend better if they move less.

- All Velia's units outside enemy vision range are hidden from enemy (next to see/attack).
- Units are detectable if not covered (by woods/reefs/FOW/ability).
- Velia's direct units ambush trapped foes (first strike).
- +3 defense for each movement Velia's unit doesn't use.

SCOP: Midnight Hour :smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar:
Activates the Stealth module to full power, hiding units almost completely while enabling ambushes and improved mobility.

- All Velia's units are hidden from the enemy (next to see/attack)
- Velia's direct units ambush trapped foes (first strike).
- Velia's units can move over any visible unit at 0 movement cost (allied/visible enemy units).

Anyway, you may comment on these. Are they good or evil? CO3 is a remix of old. CO1 and CO2 were made just for fun in my spare time. Have fun.

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