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 Post subject: How to do Spritesheets - By Xaif
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:40 am 
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Sticking this because it's an important thing and we should have it at hand.

Xaif wrote:
As I've mentioned a couple of times, the CW image department is going to making a switch to sprite sheets. I've finally get round to finishing off the main things that need doing with them - the layout. So this topic is a guide of how the sprite sheets are going to work. I'm going to abbreviate sprite sheet to SS, coz I'm getting sick of typing it and I'm only like 4 lines in :P


So, to begin with, COs. Here's an example, Andy:


All CW COs will have to follow this layout and the strict dimensions and placements etc, otherwise they'll be screwed up when the coding is unleashed on them. The COSS layout is:


The sprite sheet is effectively divided down the centre with the left being the CO's default outfit, and the right being the alt outfit. Now to explain each section:

Green: Dimensions: 225x350. This is for the full body default sprite. The Sprite should be centralised vertically, but as far to the left as it can go horizontally. This also means that CCO sprites cannot exceed the 225x350 limit.

Yellow: Same as green, but for the alt full body.

Cyan: Dimensions: 48x48. For the default CO's normal mug shot. Dark Cyan is for the speechbox mugshot (75x100).

Blue: Same as cyan, but for the happy mug shot.

Purple: Same as cyan, but for the sad mug shot.

Red, Orange and Gold: Same as cyan, blue and purple, respectively, but for the alt outfit.

Black: Dimensions: 32x12. The default outfit D2D bar sprite.

Grey: Same as black but for the alt outfit.

Pink: Dimensions: 6x6. Colour palette.

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes for the COs need to be included on the SS. The way it's been done is that palettes will fit into a 6x6pxl area, here is Andy's enlarged:


The palette is divided into 6 columns:

1) Generic shades: The whites used in eyes and teeth and blacks used for outlines. Tend to be the same on COs, although some differ. These should be untouched if making a new palette.

2) Hair shades: Most COs have only 2.

3) Skin tones: Usually 5, but can differ.

4) Torso clothing: Only the main colours used, not additional extras like badges and buttons.

5) Lower body clothing: Only the main colours used, not additional extras like badges and buttons.

6) Extras: This is where colours appearing on badges, jewellry and anything else like that will appear.

The amount of colours in each column shouldn't exceed 6, and so that's why the max height is 6. The colours for a CO shouldn't really exceed 16 either, including the transparent colour.

One thing you must ensure you do while making SSs is that the colours on the whole image must correspond with each other. For example, the 3 shades of red on Andy's uniform in the full body sprite must match with his expessions and also the reds in the palette. If they don't, then when being recoloured by the code, some of the red will remain when it may have intended to be green. This is the most crucial part, all colours must match throughout.

Also, make sure all the space that's unused is transparent and not white. No white lines should be around the COs either.

So, basically all ISCOs and all CCOs need to be in this format, ideally COs in the CCO forum should have their sprites in this layout. Using the coloured layout will be the best way to make them, and if a certain sprite isn't available then it can just be left blank and added at a later date, the code won't care, it's just a giant yellow block will appear when it should be the CO sprite or something.

Custom Wars CO Sheet Archive - September 22, 2007

COs are the priority as they have the most work invloved, so anyone willing to help out would be great, thanks :)

I've only quoted the CCO part because it's the one more poeple are working on, and we have other topics for terrain and overworld stuff, IIRC.

Stealth CO Norvell // Freelancer Army Sprites // Tech Section - CO Project

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