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 Post subject: Suggested changes to existing units + potential new units
PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:15 pm 

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I have a lot of ideas. The higher-ups can pick out what they like but I hope they'll consider all I've got. Anyways, I'm going to assume the non-custom units are their AWDS incarnations, so if something I suggest is already around or there's already a custom unit that I come up with, feel free to point that out.

SFW - Super Famicom Wars. This game had a few units and such that weren't around in AW.
GBW3 - Game Boy Wars 3. That game had a lot of good ideas but a few of them weren't so good or not executed well.
DOR - Days of Ruin, the latest AW. It's an improvement on a lot of things but still rough around the edges.
Move+Fire - The ability to move and fire in the same turn for indirects. This should only apply to select few units.
Small Tank - The tank that costs 7000 in AW.
Large Tank - The tank that costs 16000 in AW. Called the War Tank in DOR.
AA - Short for Anti-Air. The AA Tank is the direct-combat unit, the AA Missile is the indirect one.

First on the list: Mechs need a boost. They're too slow as they are now. What I suggest is making the Mech indirect, with a range of 2 (its MG would still be 1-ranged) AND giving it move+fire. This is how it was in GBW3, and it wasn't that bad.

Second, a change to the tanks: Three variations of tank; small, medium and large. This is how it was in SFW, and DOR has it this way too. The Medium Tank would be the only new thing here; it would cost around 12000 and firepower would be in-between the Small and Large Tanks.

Speaking of tanks, Axe the Megatank completely. It's easily outclassed by the Neotank. Not to mention it's not all that cost effective. And it's unoriginal.

That reminds me, the Neotank needs a change, too: Allow Laboratories in maps and restrict the number of Neotanks buildable to the number of Labs captured. This will stop Neotank spam. And if it's still broken, reduce the Neotank's indirect defense. Then whoever doesn't have a Lab has a chance at fighting it.

Here's another one involving the APC: APCs shouldn't be able to supply. The point of an APC is to carry Infantry, not supply. SFW had a Supply Truck to do that. And the Supply Truck could also supply only ground units and helicopters. So if we do what SFW did, what does the APC get in return? A machine gun with firepower slightly lower than the Recon.

The Biker from DOR would be nice, too. It might obsolete the APC, though. This one will need testing.

Now, I actually DON'T want the Rig from DOR. Too many abilities given to a single unit breaks that unit. Instead, we could put in the Constructor from GBW3 and give it the following abilities: Bridge Building, Temporary Properties (As in DOR), and Road Pavement.

As for the Anti-Tank...I dunno. I think it's broken. Its defense against tanks needs a nerf. Conversely its MG defense needs a buff.

Next, Throw the AA Missile a bone and give it 6 movement and 3-6 range! The AA Missile is slow as it is now, and speed, as well as a large range, is needed to zap the planes flying over mountains and leaving AA Tanks in the dust.

Next, a new unit: The AA Artillery from SFW, only with move+fire. Of course, it would need low movement to keep it from breaking AA forces. 3 or 4 is the suggested number. And attack range? 2-3. Also, this is probably a bad idea, but the same change could apply to the regular Artillery and work somewhat.

Next: Tire movement in general. Tire units, except the Recon, are slow as hell. 2 spaces in plain-infested areas, ONE in large forests. In short, change the Rocket and AA Missile's movement costs on forests to 2. They need this.

Have I covered all the ground units yet? Oh wait...the Piperunner. OK, Pipe units should be axed completely. They abuse a terrain meant to stop air units. Not only that, Piperunners are broken! They can attack ANYTHING with 3-6 range AND they can hide on pipe corners. What we should have in its place are train units. Well, maybe. It might not be that great an idea, but SFW had one, and even though it was broken you could only have one at a time. So if we take that unit and split it into several units train units could work. Suggested train units: Transport Train (carries 2 Infantry), Train Cannon, (3-6 range, attacks land & sea units) and Train Supply (Supplies land and air units, including planes).

Next, the air force. New unit: The GBW3 Anti-Sea Helicopter. It can break the Cruiser's defenses and do a number to other sea units, and at a fairly low cost too, probably 7K~8K.

Oh yeah, about the Fighters, can we please nerf the Fighter's movement?! I don't know what it is but NINE movement seems a little high. Oh, and give it a vision boost, too. DOR did that.

Oh, and the Stealth. I have two suggestions for this, take one: Either disallow the Stealth from attacking most land units, OR let AA Tanks attack the Stealth even though it's hidden. Unlike the Sub, the Stealth is different as we're dealing with a PLANE here. Much more movement potential, and more attack power due to being able to attack everything. And if you go with the first option, introduce the Attacker from SFW. We still need something that can attack everything. The Attacker can do that, but its defense is sucky and offense is a little below the Bomber and Fighter.

Next, two new units: The Supply Plane, which supplies PLANES ONLY, and the Transport Plane, which transports all land units. Some have asked whether or not the Transport Plane will break anything...if you're worried you could make it only able to drop units on roads. GBW2 did that.

The Black Bomb needs a nerf. Either make it cost a fortune, like 77000 so it's like the GBW2 Super Missile, or (preferably) make it do a different amount of damage to each type of unit. And nerf the movement, too. And the explosion range.

That takes care of the air force. And now the navy. Oh my. First, take away the Cruiser's ability to attack other non-Sub navy units. This ability belongs with a new sea unit. And the Black Boat...ugh. We should split this into two new units. One, the Gunboat from DOR (But buff its ammo, PLEASE), and two, the Tanker, which can supply and repair naval units ONLY.

The Battleship...DOR did this one a favor by giving it move+fire. I believe we should follow suit. Battleships have no chance to survive otherwise. Of course, nerf the range and movement where necessary.

Next, the Aircraft Carrier. Oh god its range is broken, NERF IT! Lessee now. It can't repair air units? Let it repair, I say! Should we let the ACs build air units? I'm not sure, but if they do they should be able to build Bombers, Fighters and Attackers (If they're in) at half the normal cost, AND only one per turn, AND building shouldn't use up the AC's turn. And that reminds me - this is a good time to use GBW3's unloading system, where a unit moving off the transport can immediately take a turn if it hasn't already that day. Oh, and don't limit the number of units an AC can build. DOR did that and that was stupid. "I spent money on that unit! Why am I only allowed a maximum of 4?!" Finally, no Seaplanes, those things suck.

Last but not least, the GBW3 Aegis Warship! I've debated about including this one, as it had direct-fire AA guns and a navy-to-navy indirect cannon. I thought it would obsolete the Cruiser, but I got this idea: We give it a half-decent AA gun, a 3-5 range navy-to-navy cannon (NO move+fire this time) AND a new ability: let it detect Subs within its vision range (3 spaces).

Whew! That's it. I'll make a damage chart if anyone asks. I can't think of exact numbers at this moment.

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