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 Post subject: DOR CO Quote List
PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:19 pm 
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last night I found all the files for the text in AWDOR
and oh

they keep them so nice and organized
So yeah I typed them all up and stuff lol

Keep in mind Forsythe and Caulder don't have Power Quotes so uh cool

and yes I'll write these into the next CWBD beta


I will never give up!
It's now or never!
The captain saved my life. I can't waste it...
All units, attack speed!
This is our chance! All units, move out!
We have to win! We have to survive!

We have to tend to the wounded.
Heads up, soldiers! We will survive this!
You fought hard out there, but we've got a long road ahead of us.
Ready the troops. It's time to attack!
Launch search-and-rescue operations. Nobody gets left behind.
Everyone gets out of here alive.

Move out! If the enemy's out there, I want to know about it!
Scout out the area. Double time!
The enemy is out there. I know it.
It's time to take the fight to the enemy.
A tactician is only as good as her intelligence.
A good army needs discipline.

Commence Deep Strike!
I've forgotten so much...but I still remember how to fight.
My fighting force can be even more efficient... I think.
This... reminds me of something...
This will diminish the number of casualties...
I have to help with the fight...

I will brook no inubordination! The enemy will be eradicated.
Do you seek food and shelter? Then bow down to me!
This army obeys no laws but mine!
My army needs supplies. I suppose I will allow them this small luxury.
Overwhelming power requires a mountain of supplies!
An army must be ruled with obedience and fear.

Oh, yeah! Hit me!!
It's time for Waylon to start WHALIN'! That one never gets old.
The skies belong to me, brother man!
Did you think you were a match for me? Now THAT'S funny!
I'm over here! C'mon, give me your best shot!
You ain't got a chance! Pack it in while you still can!

We should be within range...
No one escapes.
Prepare to open fire!
War is all business. never let yourself get distracted.
Fear, rage, hatred... They are distractions for true soldiers.

All units, follow me!
Hold on to your pain. Never forget where it came from.
I can almost taste revenge!
Retreat is not an option!
I will fight on, even if it costs me my life!
Sonic Boom!!!

This will make Father happy!
Isn't this fun?
Enemy coordinates entered....Now let's enjoy the show!
Don't die too quickly. I'm having too much fun!
You're so weak this isn't fair. But who cares?!
Come on, at least fight back! Don't you want to play?

Tee hee hee!
Go boom now! BOOOOOOM!
Stormfront! STORMFRONT!
Do you like Mr. Bear? He HATES you!
Dimensional index rising, nonlinear oscillator producing fluid bifur...BOOM!
Penny doesn't understand. But Mr. Bear does! Yay!


Never give up!
I...I won..
Is everyone OK?

Attend to the wounded!
The world ends, but war rages on...
Never take me for a fool.

That was a tactical success.
We're out of danger...for now.
Exactly as I planned...

Deep Strike complete.
Next, I'm going to remember how to cook!
Was I...helpful?

Fear the fist of Rubinelle!
All who oppose me will hang!
I demand loyalty or your life!

Woooooooo yeah!
I'm gonna whup up on you, brother!
The end of the world ain't so bad!

My duty's complete.
Time to prepare for the next battle.
A good soldier follows orders.

Stop thinking and start fighting!
Of course we won!

That wasn't even worth the trouble.
It's over already?
The weak disgust me.

Daddy will be happy!
Hey, Mr. Bear. We won!

These results are satisfactory.
Death and destruction... How fascinating!
Many thanks. That was very enlightening.

Death before dishonor.
Victory is ours.
This old soldier still knows a few tricks.


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