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 Post subject: Infantry?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 7:19 am 

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I've always thought it's weird that infantry is so important to AW/CW, being not only the cheap end of combat but also the only way to capture various buildings and one of two ways to win the game, but everything but DoR has all of two units, and DoR only adds a third.

Now I'm new here and I'm probably gonna say things that have been said before, but I have taken some time to look at other suggestions of this general type, and they seem to suffer from the same flaw, being much too complicated. There's more than a dozen land units and they're all pretty basic, so filling in the infantry types should be the same; just go for some basic archetypes.

Also, I'm not gonna do the whole lengthy damage/defense charts, these are just general suggestions and I don't want people to get hooked up on how well exactly they do against mid tanks or precisely how many movement and visual points they should have. General suggestions, not exactly what I think should be put into CW nooow. :P

Anyway, after this lengthy disclaimer, here goes:

Bike: As 'strong' as regular infantry and somewhat more expensive, they have a higher movement radius. Basically trading cash for the ability to capture quickly, they're not strong in battle, especially considering the cost.

Sniper: Again, only as strong as regular infantry and at a higher cost, they have a range of exactly 2 (I don't think anyone would like them to have a range of 1-2 or 2-3, but that's of course up for discussion too), meaning they can avoid counterattacks and provide some light artillery support, but don't counterattack themselves, and of course only do light damage to most vehicles.

Engineer: Very expensive for infantry, it trades it's rifle for a (probably low ammo) repair kit (or wrench, or whatever), which does negative damage to friendly vehicles and has no secondary. It would repair weak things for more and strong things for less (just like a weapon, instead used to heal), which would balance it re: it's use on megatanks and whatnot. Used on such particularly strong vehicles, it would either have a % chance to even heal for 1 point, or not heal at all (if that's easier to script).

Navy Seal: Strong as a mech and somewhat more expensive, it can travel in shallow water and perhaps move better over rivers. Strictly worse than a Mech in a pure land battle, but opens movement options and some minor navy assistance when it gets wet.

I could go on, but those are the most basic infantry types I haven't seen represented, and none of them seem particularity broken to me.

EDIT: Oh and what the heck, since I like the sprites for the spider tank, in a similar vein I'd suggest it having the stats of a regular tank (as in, the one weaker than a mid tank) but the movement range/type of a mech. As a hybrid infantry/tank it sorta fits this topic anyway. :P

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